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SPF 29 Active DNArescue Sunscreen

Item # 6018

4 oz.

Our Improved Formula! Meets the most rigorous guidelines for UV-blocking ingredients!

Look no further than our moisturizing broad-spectrum formula for complete UVA I, UVA II and UVB protection. This formula serves as an excellent sunscreen product for people of fair skin, a history of sun sensitivity, or for anyone seeking to maximize their sun protection. Our fragrance- and PABA-free formula also provides both UVA Photostability and 100 percent UVA block per Australian Standard Testing (clinical testing on file).

WATCH this YouTube Video about the sun damage that we don't see and why sunscreen is so important. 

Price:  $38.00 Quantity:
Club Price:  $32.30

  • Time-released all-natural Lyphazomes®
  • Durable for active lifestyles
  • UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection
  • Day-long hydrating and moisturizing protection
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging, as well as helps prevent sunburn if used as directed with other sun protection measures
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Fragrance free and PABA free