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Visible difference in 3 days! Been using it for years! Love it! Now I have my niece using it! I look YEARS younger than friends my age. Very light feeling. The only product I use on my face. THANK YOU!
- Henrietta R Manning

I have eczema around my eyes so it was very difficult to find an eye cream that didn't burn or turn my skin bright red. This is a miracle cream. It reduces the puffiness and the dark circles and it actually helps heal the eczema too. I haven't had an episode since i started using the eye cream morning and night.
- Rachel Price

I use this product everyday and love it. It never makes you feel "greasy" and it does protect all day. I ride my horse a lot and have never gotten sun burned on my face. It really protects me. (I usually wear a hat too!)
- Mary Green

My oldest daughter came home for Christmas after having been diagnosed with double pneumonia. When she arrived, she had 2 antibiotic pills left, couldn’t eat or drink, was getting dehydrated, running fever and was just weak and sick. We fully expected to put her in the hospital here where she had family and try to get her well. When she got here I immediately started doctoring her with the Hyssop Health Therapy spray. The very next day she showed improvement. Every day she got better and stronger. When she left on Tues after Christmas and she was feeling so much better. I sent her home with a bottle of the spray. She has faithfully sprayed her mouth 2 x day since she went home. She actually returned to work later that week. She is still tired and regaining her strength but is better every day. On Jan 4 she went back to the doctor for followup. He couldn’t believe her bloodwork was normal!! Her bloodwork was terrible when she was diagnosed and in fact the doctor suspected some sort of blood disorder along with the pneumonia. She is now my biggest fan and will tell you in a minute that this was a turning point in her getting better. My other daughter has been fighting a sinus-like infection for weeks and after she saw what the spray did for her sister I sent her home with a bottle and she was remarkably improved the very next morning. She is a elementary school teacher and well we all know those little angels carry germs and constantly have some health issue they love sharing. She now takes her Hyssop Therapy to work with her. She too says she does not want to be without it. Another thing we did when my other daughter was here was all of us: me, my husband, and my 11-year-old grandson began spraying 2 x day because the daughter was coughing, and running a fever and we didn’t want to get sick! I was so worried about her I even slept in the same room and was really exposed and did not get sick! I have always preferred natural cures to prescription medicines which have so many side effects. Many of you feel the same. This is a miracle in a bottle. Thank you Kara Vita.
- Harriet Sherman

My daughter, Beth, an RN, had been extremely ill with 5 funguses and 1 parasite and a 10 to 30% chance of living. After a Word from God, she was healed, but every once in a while the skin would itch, so I ordered the spray.It worked immediately on itching and she is feeling better every day!Her breathing has improved, blood sugars are better and she has energy.It is truly a God send.

- Karen Arnold

My daughter came home from school with a very bad sore throat. Within hours, her fever rose to over 101 and would not come down even with medication. I had heard from friends about the Hyssop Health Therapy and how it helped their kids. So I had her start spraying the Hyssop Health Therapy in her mouth about every four hours and within two days she was completely well! I don't know what she had but nothing has cleared up a fever and sore throat like this Mist. Thank you, Dermazone.

- S. Bell, Florida

- S. Bell

At a service in 2006, I had the spirit of prophecy come upon me so I began to prophesize over Karalyn ( Karalyn Schuchert, Founder) that indeed she would, by the Word of the Lord, that she would rediscover the benefits of an ancient oil-based product and bring forth for the benefit of mankind. After many years of clinical research, Karalyn came up with this Hyssop Health that is an incredible discovery.

- Randy DeMain

I use Hyssop Health to keep me healthy and with all the travel across the world, it has proven to be invaluable! I use it both internally and externally. It seems to help everything... it has healed a badly scraped knee to heat rash! I know the value that it had in the biblical days for purification purposes. I am so glad that it is available today... God says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever!"

Wanda Davis
WhiteDove Ministries

- Wanda Davis

A friend of mine caught her big toe on a piece of luggage right before we left to go to a Christian women's conference in Orlando. When I arrived at her house, she had a fresh wound, toes wrapped, and it looked terrible. The entire big toenail had caught and bent back and ripped the skin and, well, you can imagine. I had felt to take the hyssop with me and when we got to the hotel, we unwrapped it and I sprayed it down good. Later before bed I sprayed it again. The next day she felt much better, she said it helped with pain instantly. But when we went to unwrap it, it looked as if it had been healing for a week. Each day it was amazing. After 3 days of the spray we saw a miracle in healing. The nail had gone back down flat against the toes and all the swelling, all the abrasion, discoloration was gone. It looked great. We knew it was the spray."

"At the Christian women's conference, in Orlando, with all the praising God, yelling out his name, singing... my throat was rough and a little sore, but as soon as I used the spray on my throat a few times it was gone and I was good as new.

Now another story... when I went to Kentucky last week, everyone in the house came up sick, strep, and I accidentally drank after my nephew with a full-blown case of it. The next day I began to use my spray more than usual... and I have not gotten sick, not at all.

I AM SOLD on this product... I love it.
- Diana Hahlbohm

I can't even believe this happened so I had to write to let you know; my throat was getting very dry and sore and I thought—I don't have time to be sick! I heard about Hyssop Health Therapy and thought what the heck. I sprayed it in my mouth about 3 times a day and after the second day, poof, no more sore throat!

- V. Rolyn

Hyssop Health Therapy is an amazing product. Not only does it work well on fighting bacteria in our skin, but I use it to disinfect all of our toothbrushes once a week. Hyssop Health Therapy is with our other medicines and we could not live without it.

- C. Helt, Indiana

My girlfriend told me about this new product that she discovered - Hyssop Health Therapy. She said that it was an antibacterial spray that cleared up her son's acne, and that he was so happy about it, he was spraying it everywhere. When a cold went through their house, he didn't get it! She realized that there was something special about this spray, so she gave me a bottle when I started to come down with a cold. I sprayed immediately, and it cleared up within a couple of days. Incredible!

- S. Hash, Wyoming

Okay...I LOVE this stuff. I use to wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and nothing I tried worked. I even tried dunking my face in ice water first thing in the morning. That will wake you up! I started using EyeWish every night before I went to bed and now I wake up with NO puffiness. I also noticed when I had some left over on my hands, I would rub it into my fingers and now I am beginning to notice that my rings fit better.
- Brenda Howe

Had to let you know what a wonderful product you sell.I tried some of the "Everyday skin" from my daughter,,,as I had a bad chemical burn on my right hand from using a sanitizer at my work...I used part of her bottle and part of a new hand is healed!!A little spendy but a great product and you don't use much,so it goes pretty far...thank you and share my story
- Colleen Wells

Hi Deborah:

There is nothing amazing about me ~ you are the "Amazing Woman"!!!!! I can't believe all you do with this company!

I wanted to tell you that my 2 year old Great Granddaughter burned her little hand on her Mom's curling iron while I was in St. Petersburg and it was ESPL to the rescue!! They told me about it when I got home. They put it on her burn and the pain was gone in about 2 minutes and no blister or peeling! This is the most amazing lotion for burns. I tell people to get it on a burn as fast as you can and you won't blister or peel and the pain will leave in about two to five minutes on application. I just layer the lotion on when I burn myself and wait a couple of minutes and it's gone. The area will feel a little tender for the rest of the day when you touch it, but by the next day you won't know anything happened. I'm talking about burns that I used to have my hands in ice water for 6 hours to get the pain out.

It all started 6 years ago when we first started selling Kara Vita. Linda Jo Keil was in a Motel room in Denver when she burned her face with a curling iron. She didn't know what to put on it and thought well, the ESPL is a burn lotion, I'll put that on. Well, not only did the pain leave right away, but she never blistered, peeled or scarred that beautiful porcelein skin of hers. Never left a mark. The news soon spread to all the Consultants in Wyoming and we were all using it on burns and it worked for everybody. We have tons of testimonies of putting it on burns and the pain leaving right away.

I ask Ranch ladies, when I'm doing my booths, if their husbands do any welding ~ they all say yes ~ I tell them that he will love having this lotion on hand because it takes out the burn in about 2 to 5 minutes. They buy the 2 oz lotion on the spot just to try it. (I also tell them it's wonderful as a dry skin lotion after your shower).

Last year, I was in a stall in a bathroom at a Rodeo and could hear a little boy crying, he had burned his hand. I came out and the Mom was trying to cool his red hand off with cold water and when they would take it out of the cold water for a minute, he would start crying again. I asked her if she would like to try my burn lotion, which I always keep in my purse, and she said yes. I handed it to her and she put it on him and he stopped crying right away. She said, "Thank you", and bounced right out the door and never asked me what the lotion was.

I just sold it to two women who work with glass and they are always burning their hands. They were so tickled to get it. They were at the booth I did at the Winter Rodea in Gillette, WY the weekend before I came to St. Petersburg.
- Joanne Holbrook

I got this product, initially, as part of my son's acne treatment. I had read about the things other people were using it for, but also noticed that they found it to be an effective antifungal. After undergoing a round of antibiotics for mastitis and a bladder infection, following the birth of my daughter, I ended up with a yeast infection on and in both breasts. It also caused a yeast infection along my c-section scar and a yeast diaper rash and thrush in my daughter since I am breastfeeding.

I had been applying monistat cream to my breasts, c-section scar, and the baby's bottom for 2 weeks with no real results. I was told it was probably a "resistant" strain. So two days ago I thought, what the heck, it couldn't hurt to TRY the spray. It absolutely blew me away! After two days all of the active yeast is gone and the tissue is rapidly turning healthy!!! I would never have believed it if I hadn't used it myself. As far as I'm concerned this product has already paid for itself by clearing up these problems. I am getting ready to order a couple more bottles!
- Christal Bardfield

I am currently on my second tour of duty in Iraq. I had some acne issues on my forehead due to my helmet. I mentioned this to my Mom in an email and in her next care package to me, I got a bottle of Clearly It Mist. Just a spray on my forehead in the morning and I was acne clear...well, this got me thinking, if this mist could cure my acne on my sweaty would it work on my sweaty feet? Being in my army boots, 24/7 for 2 weeks at a time, had caused a bit of a ... shall we say ... rash of sorts to develop between my toes ... so what the heck, I sprayed the mist there too ... and I could not believe it ... it took only three days and my feet are cleared up. Huge thanks to my Mom and Kara Vita!
- Phillip K. - US Army

Every year my daughter struggles with ear infections. My brother recommended that we try spraying some Clearly It into her ear just to see if it would help. He said, “It’s a bacterial infection, right, why not use an anti-bacterial spray.” So we tried it…and lo and behold, it worked!!! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! Now, my daughter keeps it in her bathroom, and sprays it at the first sign of pain.
- P. Roberts, New York

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