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So my dog got into a fight with another neighborhood pet. I promise we are not holding dogfights; it was a bit of a fluke. Anyway, he gets this scratch over his right eye, and its bad, but not bad enough to pay a vet bill, so I grabbed my bottle of Clearly It and sprayed it and cleaned it as best as I could. I continued to spray it 3 to 4 times a day and it healed pretty quickly. My neighbor’s dog still looked a bit bruised when I saw him, but not my Brutus. He’s good to go!
- L. Randolph, Texas

I had heard that the Clearly It Mist completely cured ear aches from my friend but I was a bit reluctant to try it on my daughter even though she suffers from ear aches regularly. One Sunday she woke up with a horrible ear ache, and since my pediatrician was closed I decided to give the Mist a try. I dipped a q-tip in the liquid and slowly inserted it in her ear. Within minutes my daughter was saying how much better she felt. There was a warm feeling and she said it helped make the pain go away almost instantly. I treated her ear one more time that day and by Monday morning she was fine! We don’t use antibiotics anymore for our daughter’s ear aches. Thanks so much for a great product.
- J. Miller, Michigan

My girlfriend told me about this new product that she discovered – Clearly It. She said that it was an antibacterial spray that cleared up her son’s acne, and that he was so happy about it, he was spraying it everywhere. When a cold went through their house, he didn’t get it! She realized that there was something special about this spray, so she gave me a bottle when started to come down with a cold. I started spraying it immediately, and it cleared up within a couple of days. Incredible!!
- S. Hash, Wyoming

Clearly It Mist is an amazing product. It is a very potent spray that kills bacteria and is great for fighting acne. Not only does it work well on fighting bacteria in our skin, but I use it to disinfect all of our toothbrushes once a week. It is safe and great for getting rid of any bacteria that’s on the toothbrushes. Our Clearly It Mist is with our medicine and we could not live with out it.
- C. Helt, Indiana

The whole family uses the Clearly It Mist at the first sign of a sore throat! Both my husband and I have used the mist to stop Poison Ivy! My oldest son thanks me for introducing him to Clearly It because, as he puts it, "my face does not look like a pepperoni pizza anymore!” All four of my children thank Clearly It for their "Clear" complexions
- A. Schmitt, Indiana

My daughter came home from school with a very bad sore throat. Within hours, her fever rose to over 101 and would not come down even with medication. I had heard from friends about the Clearly It Mist and how is helped their kids. So I had her start spraying the Clearly It Mist in her mouth about every four hours and within two days she was completely well! I don’t know what she had but nothing has cleared up a fever and sore throat like this Mist. Thank you, Dermazone.
- S. Bell, Florida

I can’t even believe this happened so I had to write to let you know; my throat was getting very dry and sore and I thought – I don’t have time to be sick! I heard about the Clearly It Mist and thought what the heck. I sprayed it in my mouth about 3 times a day and after the second day, poof, no more sore throat!
- V. Rolyn

Okay, went to my first Kara Vita party, tried the products, liked the way my skin felt, bought some cleanser and the Up Tight product. Between you and I, I only did it as a favor to my friend who was hosting the party. Went home, tucked them in my bathroom cabinet for awhile. Then I ran out of my usual cleanser, rediscovered the Kara Vita cleanser and Up Tight in my cabinet, still reluctant that it was any different from my usual stuff. month after using the product I was shopping in Target and ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in three years and all she could do was stare and say over and over "you look great, you look awesome". I'm sold! My usual routine now includes EVERYTHING Kara Vita! Thank you!!!
- Sidney Wyles

Just wanted to say thanks.. A contractor for twenty years with extreme weather conditions coupled with stress, my face began to show my age and then some....that was fine, but when one of my guys called me the"old man" I had to change something. My wife noticed my frustration and offered me her Up Tight. No Way!! Girl Stuff??!! Well I tried it for two weeks and hey look at this. Two months and HA! Girls half my age are looking at the "old man" . I'll never grow up and now I look the part. (shhh don't tell the wife)

Thanks Guys - your product is like magic!!!
The Old Man

- Jason Granai

Maureen Holsinger’s sister Patricia invited her friends (already Kara Vita customers) to an Up Tight Party last week at Maureen’s home. What an incredible night it was! All of Maureen's Customers naturally wanted to try it. Each one went in another room and applied it to one side of her face. It was absolutely amazing how easy it was to see which side had the Up Tight. Everyone guessed correctly on every woman!!! AND Maureen sold $600; dated three more Parties this month from that Party, and has a potential 4th Party dated (which she will follow up on) and already has orders for Up Tight on May 1st.
- Cathy Tannenholz

Our new product, Up Tight, is really nothing less then a miracle in a bottle. I have been using Kara Vita for one year now and have received comments on my skin. But since using our new Up Tight I've been told that I can't possibly be the age that I am, or the mother of my adult daughters! A woman couldn't ask for better compliments!! I've always told myself that I would surrender to older skin and age gracefully. Not any more! I finally found the right Products! ThankYou Kara Vita!!!..........
- Joyce Laney

I have the best of both worlds with my new career with Kara Vita. I manage Curves for women in Pittsburgh, which gives me the opportunity to help women mold their bodies and minds in a very positive way. Now, with Kara Vita I can help women improve their skin as well.
I have been having a great time with the new Up Tight product line. When ladies come in for their morning workout I ask if they would like to help me test our new product. Most of them immediately wash their faces, apply Uptight to one side of their face and then proceed to do their 30-minute workout. The results have been impressive. They see the difference and immediately want it applied to the other side of their face. I already have three orders for the Uptight Firming Peptide Complex and Firming Peptide Cream on May 1st.
What fun this new product line has been. Everybody at Curves is talking about Up Tight! I am expecting to have a lot more orders in May and some parties booked this month.

- Joyce Laney

I ordered the uptight serum in March. After a week -- one week -- my pores are disappearing! And my skin glows so much that makeup looks worse and worse by the day. I still have my scar/spots to cover, but that's it! Wow!!! This is THE best product ever! Can't wait until the public tries it. I want to be in on this one!!! People need this product -- it outperforms Murad, DDF and every other product out there!
- Laurie

When I was in Pittsburgh visiting my mom, Pittsburgh had their team meeting. Cathy told me that Lisa Tiani put the Up Tight on half of her face. It was like the Eye Wish!! Cathy said all of the consultants who were there could see such a difference! So I tried it while at the hospital with my mom. One of my sister-in-laws who has never wanted Kara Vita was amazed! My brother could tell right away which side she used it on and he only saw her a few hours later. I told Karen Woods and she too has tried the one half of the face and people can really see a difference!! Immediately! That flash really works! At a Bridal Show on Sunday a man who is very into his skin tried it and was amazed! Thought I would share Lisa Tiani's great idea!
- Alice Schmitt

Clearly It saved my legs! My fiancée' and I took a mission trip to South Africa 14 months ago. I returned with some untreatable, itchy beyond imagination, ugly, read rash on my legs. Chris then had it appear on his chest, neck and back. Mine spread to my stomach and hand. Can you spell misery?

For 13 months, we tried oral antibiotics, gels, biopsies, creams, ointments and then one Sunday about 4 weeks ago, I had a “clear” moment of … “Why not Clearly It?” It’s germicidal, antibacterial…let’s see if it will take the miserable itching away. After one application, the bleeding, red, raised, psoriasis-looking mounds were flattened to dull purple and already healing. It’s been about 4 weeks of use and it’s now seeming to really go away. Always think “Clearly It!”

- Paula Dennett, Indianapolis

This morning before leaving my sister’s house for conference, my husband was suffering from an earache. My sister suggested we try the Clearly It spray, saying that it should help. I sprayed it in his ear before I left. I called him at the break to see how he was doing. He couldn’t believe how the pressure had subsided, along with the pain. He was very grateful that it worked!
- - Doreen Maher-Costich (consultant)

My son suffers from eczema and we have tried many different creams and lotions that have had minimal results. I recently attended a Kara Vita clinic and learned about the hydrating mist and Everyday Lotion. We started using these products and immediately saw a big improvement in his skin. We continue to use it on a daily basis and see results.
- Angela Felton

This stuff (Up Tight Complex) is awesome and I look and feel like I had a face-lift in just 2 weeks!
- Carol

Bought it for my wife. she loves it.
- Steve Chubboy

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