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Founder's Message

“The best skincare in the world. . .that is Kara Vita’s goal. No one else does what we do!

It all began after a long search to discover the best skin care product. It did not matter what the ingredients advertised, or how expensive and exotic they were, none of them provided the penetration and hydration I had hoped for.  The product always seemed to remain on the surface of my skin!

When the opportunity arose to acquire a company known for its revolutionary nanotechnology, I jumped at the chance. I made it my goal to create a product that really worked . . .skin care that was pure, potent and penetrating.

After discovering that none of the products I had tried were produced according to pharmaceutical standards, my objective was to “reach for the stars” and develop a skin care line that met the highest possible standard of quality.

Thanks to, Deborah Duffey, who has emerged as one of the most creative product developers in the industry, we have developed and produced a skin care line unsurpassed anywhere. Kara Vita takes the purest, highest-grade bio-active ingredients and combines them with industry-leading nanotechnology that truly delivers results.

Kara Vita products are developed in our own laboratories and made in our state of the art manufacturing factory which is licensed as a pharmaceutical facility by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

I have fulfilled my highest expectations and reached my goal in developing a stellar and remarkable skin care!”

~ Karalyn Schuchert

Company Founder and Chairman Karalyn Schuchert brings a passion for skincare and an authentic desire to inspire all women to improve the quality of their lives by enhancing their beauty, naturally. Schuchert plays an active role in Kara Vita, ensuring that the company's image, reputation and integrity remain on a carefully guided course. She is involved in product development and selection process, and in the creation of product packaging. Karalyn also works closely with Kara Vita's leading consultants to provide encouragement and guidance.

Schuchert founded Kara Vita with the personal, hands-on approach of direct sales, and a goal of delivering the benefits of anti-aging products to a larger audience. We believe the best way for a customer to decide to purchase and use a product, is to get the product in their hands. That's why during a Kara Vita party or private showing, our Skincare Consultants introduce new and existing customers to the company's anti-aging skincare and moisturizing body lines by providing them with the opportunity to actually try the products.

Kara Vita delivers the world's finest skincare products by combining patented nanotechnology with pure, pharmaceutical-grade bioactives and actives. Our regimens, treatments, sunscreens and body products deliver results for most users in less than two weeks. No other company—mass market, prestige or direct selling—can claim the same.