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Sun Protection

Everyday defense against sun damage helps to protect and maintain a beautiful complexion, making daily sun care an indispensable part of any skin-care regimen. Safe for all skin types, Kara Vita’s sun-care products block the harmful effects of free radicals and the sun. These products also repair and reverse the damage caused by past exposure.

These sun-care products block a broad spectrum of UV rays, leaving skin incredibly resistant to sun damage. Waterproof, sweat-proof, and rub-proof, each product provides all-day protection for skin. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, our formulas are non-comedogenic, PABA-free, and fragrance-free.

To ensure that the nutrients thoroughly penetrate skin, every hydrating formula contains a unique blend of key bioactives. Encapsulated in Lyphazomes, these natural ingredients stimulate skin’s regeneration as they repair impurities. Skin is left healthy and radiant all over.

Sun Protection
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