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Firming Creams

Skip the surgery with these anti-aging products. The high concentration of peptide complex in Kara Vita’s firming creams is formulated to produce dramatic results. Signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles will miraculously vanish with only a few applications.

The all-natural nanotechnology of Lyphazomes enhances the Up Tight TM products. Lyphazomes deliver all-day or all-night action, sustaining firmness and maintaining hydration for long-lasting results. Rich moisturizers further improve skin’s texture and appearance.

As wrinkles and fine lines disappear, skin grows tighter and firmer. Sagging diminishes, and skin looks more taut and youthful. The effects of Up Tight TM products are comparable to those realized with plastic surgery, but all-natural and non-invasive. Every complexion will look brighter and tighter with these incredible products.

Firming Creams
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