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The Story of Lip Tender by: Deboray Duffey

Item # LipTender

Deborah Duffey, President…Shares the Story of Lip Tender™

True treatment products are always the most challenging to design, but also the most fun. In this particular instance, I analyzed all the different problems, concerns or “symptoms” that women and men either complain about or would like changed about their lips.
Since lips have more sensory receptors than other parts of the body they tend to be “reactive”. And because they are relatively thin and have little natural lipid protection, they tend to “react” quickly with their environment.  
The causes of dry skin for our lips and dry skin for our body are identical:

  • genetics
  • environmental stress
  • cold climates, hot climates, sun, wind
  • deficient daily water or dehydration
  • medications
  • hormone deficiency
  • alcohol
  • age

  • Licking the lips dehydrates
  • Lipsticks can dehydrate

Since lips do “react” quickly with their environment, they are often dry, chapped, rough, or flaking. Feathering often takes place with older or aged lips - you know those little vertical lines that start to creep beyond the vermillion edge on both the upper and lower lip?  Aging and dry lips often take on a crêpe look with lots of vertical lines showing within the lip itself. And last but not least, as we age lips become paler …. the vermillion edges fade. And, if that isn’t enough, our adipose tissue tends to decline “or move someplace else,” making lips look thinner.

So…all in all, I concluded that…

  • We have to heal damaged lips
  • We have to nourish aging lips
  • We have to restore thinning lips
  • We have to protect delicate lips

I wondered if we could actually do all that with ONE product… and show results for most people within two weeks…and still adhere to our compliance guideline which offers both short term and long term results!
The “book” work begins. Months of ingredient research takes place searching for the exact and precise mix of bioactives - some well-known and some new. All have proven results, and when combined, they will deliver a truly remarkable treatment formula. It was determined that we would need TEN bioactive ingredients to accomplish the task at hand. TEN!

At this point, all the parameters are determined and the ingredient choices are finalized. Viscosity and pH are assigned and sensory standard requirements (how it should feel) are all handed to our laboratory department. Now the bench work begins. This is a trial and error process that sometimes take months to perfect as was the case with Lip Tender™.Once again, we have TEN bioactive ingredients PLUS our Lyphazomes® at work in this treatment formula! This translates into our most expensive formula ever created, and as you will now learn, it is worth every cent.

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