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Which 5-PIECE KARA VITA REGIMEN is right for you?


Kara Vita created three Regimens to provide you with ease of use. The Balancing, Hydrating, and Purifying Regimens address the concerns expressed by women with the most common skin types. By following a Kara Vita Regimen, you will remove dirt and debris; restore moisture balance; nourish and hydrate cells for enhanced healing abilities; repair skin structure; correct free-radical damage; and protect your skin from the sun. In addition, our fast-acting Regimens have been designed to promote compliance. You will love Kara Vita products so much in the short term; you'll use your Regimen consistently in the long term. 

Results: permanent skin correction! 

Each Regimen includes four simple steps plus a masque. We've numbered each of the four products, so there's never any guesswork. You can choose from our Balancing, Hydrating and Purifying Regimens, or mix and match to create a personalized Regimen to meet your individual skin conditions. Whatever you want to change most about your skin, Kara Vita's superior skincare products will get you there. 

Begin by choosing a Regimen or treatment system based upon your skin type or characteristics.

BALANCING: Your skin looks and feels...mostly healthy and even, with some dry area or T-zone shine. Contact your Kara Vita Consultant or order here now...

HYDRATING: Your skin looks and feels...Red, rough, flaky, tight, itchy, sore and dehydrated. Contact your Kara Vita Consultant or order here now...

PURIFYING: Your skin looks and feels...Shiny, greasy and slick with blemishes. Contact your Kara Vita Consultant or order here now...

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